madli’s shawl

finished: may 16, 2006
pattern: madli’s shawl designed by nancy bush from the IK summer 2004 issue
yarn: less than 2 balls of baby alpaca
needles: size 4 circs

this tooks a little over a month to knit – it would’ve taken a bunch longer if other yarn packages had arrived when they were supposed to, sigh. but as a result, it’s done and gorgeous!

the nupps – though lovely once completed – are a pain in the butt. definitely do not purl seven stitches together, as the directions say, but rather knit one stitch, place it back on the right needle, and then lift the remaining six stitches over that first knitted one. muuuuch easier on the hands and eyes, as well as resulting in a prettier nupp.

also, although the instructions say leave a tail two yards long after completing the second border, i needed less than a yard for the actual grafting and that extra bit just got in the way.

blocking was fun – before blocking, it was 66 inches long and 18 inches wide. after blocking – and this was not my usual severe blocking – it stretched to 70 inches long and 20 inches wide.

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