uh oh

that was me yesterday – i’m feeling the squeeze of time, money, career-pursuing-ness (you know what i mean), my own procrastination, and bad luck. here’s two examples of itty bitty bad luck knitting-wise:

ultimately, it all worked out fine – like i know all the various squeezing will as well. i have to be a little careful about that one needle, and i’ll super glue it tonight as well, but i can still knit with it. and at least i found the cable problem before i got too much further on the sleeve. the fix is barely perceptible, and will entirely disappear once i block and the yarn predictable blooms.

anyhow, my point is that my main enemy is me, really. when i’m late, which is fairly often, it’s by 15 minutes, 5 minutes, small numbers. this means, over the long run, that if i just pushed myself ever the slightest bit, i’d be on time. another typical example would be if i have a paper due on monday, i’ll spend all sunday caught up in a cleaning bug and possessed by the need to put my bills in order. (there was no paper this time, thank goodness.) anyhow, this is not a self-flagellation type of post, just a little reminder to me and the world: take deep breaths and move around the obstacles, even if you’re the one who created them.

happy wednesday ~ and thanks for all the comments on The Sleeve Dilemma. i’m thinking i’ll go for 3/4 sleeves but marnie made a good point about some slipping that might occur, so i’m still pondering ribbing and such. in the meantime, the urban aran back is done and blocked, and the sleeves – worked at the same time, yay! – are about 70% done.

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