curds and whey

hey there ~ yesterday was a lesson in procrastination – my umpteenth one that nope, i didn’t learn yet again. ah well, still got a ton done. not what was at the top of the list, but whatever. i’m still excited about it all because i made cheese! two kinds! so stoked.

i only have pics of the ricotta for now, but i also made gjetost – or at least a version of it. i plan on getting some fresh goat’s milk from someplace or another and making some chevre, mmm, and then truly authentic gjetost from the leftover whey.

some links for fellow cheese enthusiasts:

~ the original inspiration, homemade ricotta recipe via becks & posh nosh

~ a simple paneer recipe that’s basically the same thing

~ an article on what cheesemakers can do with all that leftover whey

~ one easy option is to use it in place of water, milk, or even broths in many recipes – like these biscuits, as it packs a lot of nutrition and flavor.

~ the best part of that article was realizing i could make gjetost from whey – and this page, set up by a fellow cheese fanatic, shows the process easily. since i only had half a gallow on whey, that reduced to about a 1/4 cup of actual cheese that i ever so slightly burned :( but it’s so darn close to the real thing, i could care less.

a good fiber post coming up early tomorrow – lots and lots of pics. i’m the process of seaming up my urban aran, though i still need to buy a zipper, and am impatiently waiting for the sleeves of crinkly to dry – cotton takes forever! especially in this weather. here’s to a lovely june weekend ~ ~

p.s. the book in that first pic is Lost Arts: A Celebration of Culinary Traditions by Lynn Alley and is filled with info about making your own vinegars, mustards, cheeses, and more. lovely!

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