community effort

hey there ~ happy monday, hope everyone’s summer plans are shaping up nicely. the power of community – support, friendship, advice, allies – is so awesome. so yup, now that i’ve mini buttered you up, some help? first, of the knitterly kind, then of the more-important kind.

crinkle, which i’ve gotten into the habit of calling crinkly since it was waiting forever for me to seam up and had gotten pretty.. well, you get the idea. anyhow, seaming happened this weekend and i’m not pleased at all. the question, is it my seaming or should i rip the sleeve cap and narrow it a lot? rowan in its infinite wisdom only gives the length for the sleeve, not any width demensions at all, so no help there. i’m tempted to think it’s my bad seaming, since when i tie the little strings on to help with the seaming, as seen in the left sleeve, it looks like the sleeve will fit fine. what say you?

then, some infinitely more important stuff:

~ i saw al gore’s an inconvenient truth yesterday with a friend. made me very very angry. and alternately weepy. some of it was just me responding to the slick/cheesy music score and manipulative movieness of it all, you know? but so much more was about anger at humanity. it’s like, i get frustrated and annoyed when i injure myself, but when my actions injure others, i get so much more pissed off. does that sound twisted? to me it means, in this context, i’m so sorry earth, and animals, and gorgeous nature! and i hate – not a word i use lightly at all – hate what we’ve done and are actively doing to this planet. i’m sorry to say we’re taking every living thing down with us. action is more useful than talk, than pure feelings, i know, but right now i just can’t get beyond the emotions. i will soon though – some plans are brewing – and i highly recommend this film to all. go see it, really.

~ my friend francesca worked on a recent project which deserves more attention. the playground project is a documentary on the sex trafficking of children in the u.s. after drugs and arms, the sex trafficking and prostitution of children is “the most profitable organized crime enterprise”. horrible. they need help in raising awareness of the project, and the issue in general – whatever you can do is awesome.

and to end this off with some (knitting) happiness, some successful seaming, thank goodness: urban aran! no arm bulge here, yay. so, the collar needs to be finished and a zipper needs to be bought and added, my first zipper, yikes, but still – i’m loooooving this cardigan. the recent chilly weather has been helping as well.

~ andrea

p.s. yes, the dramatic head turns and the weird cut-out tank top are distracting perhaps, but hey it was early early morning, so that’s the best i could do. also, note the little pony tail – i’m very proud of it. grow hair grow!

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