..and i’m back!

hi there ~ so much catching up to do! just got back late last night from a week with the family in maryland. since i wasn’t planning on going to the ucla graduation ceremony anyhow, as my graduation present, my parents sent me a plane ticket for a great six day vacation. ..well, i don’t know if family time can ever really be called a vacation.. i love my family, but it’s really a total black hole whenever i visit, it’s just jam-packed with stuff to do, people to see, and i don’t really get to do anything besides family. no complaining, it’s just always amazing that at the end, i’m shaking my head wondering where the week went and why oh why does my body ache? could be all the baby lifting. ;)

originally, there were five kids and two parents, so seven – but now, we’re fourteen, with number fifteen on the way, and as a result, coordinating things has gotten much trickier. it’s a good sign though when the biggest conflict is trying to plan so that the as many as possible can all hang out.

my little sisters drove up from raleigh for the weekend, but were only there for about 48 hours – thank goodness i found out they’re coming to visit me here in l.a. at the end of august or else i’d have been truly cranky on sunday when they left. as it was, i was a tad mopey. mua, chicas!

okay, still feeling a bit scattered – and i gotta go to work. on the knit front, some zipper buying will happen today hopefully, and re-seaming the sleeves on crinkle – thanks for the suggestions and help with that! more later, plus a little video or two if my sister allows it. my breathy giggles are a tad annoying and embarassing, but my nieces are just too darn gorgeous to not share the videos with you all.

also, later this week, i’ll be selling off a whole lot of yarn that is lovely and rowan and debbie bliss, etc etc but that i won’t knit in the next bunch of months before i leave los angeles, so keep an eye out for that. ;)

bye for now, oh! and i got a new camera, so pictures galore coming up. maybe some that are even outside – gasp, imagine the possibilities! happy mood, can’t you tell? it’s nice to be home. for the longest time, maryland was home, but this time, as fun as it was to see everyone, i’ve finally realized that my home is here. maybe more on that later too. oof, promises promises, huh?

hope you all are well and happy ~ ~
~ andrea

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