How I Live Now



by Meg Rosoff

an excellent excellent book. this book won the printz award, the highest award a YA (young adult) book can win – and i’m so glad it got the praise it deserves. such an original book – though i understand where some of the criticisms coming from regarding the narrator’s voice, it was a little disconcerting initially. soon enough though, i settled into it and was very happy to do so.

for a while now, i’ve been meaning to create a page of books from two of my favorite genres: dystopias and post-apocalyptic lit. don’t know why they’re my two favs, but they have been for years and years. classics like neil shute’s “on the beach� cemented it, but surprisingly there’s a whole lot of YA and kid’s books out there that fit the bill as well. anyhow, “how i live now� was really really good – highly recommended

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