things i’m behind on

1) replying to emails
2) one local summer posts
3) laundry
4) posting four book reviews
5) finishing up crinkle and urban aran already – one needs some ribbon, the other needs a zipper
6) organizing bills
7) finding out where my tax return has gone, sigh

but, how’s this for a happy photo:

i spend this past week in phoenix, visiting cousins and hanging out with my mami. here, we’re at a gorgeous lake in unbelievably horrible heat – ah, so nice to get back to reasonable l.a. weather. ;) for once, i didn’t burn myself – not much tanning either, but whatever, at least i don’t hurt now. anyhow, that visit was filled with good important stuff, but now it’s all about catching up with life here.

it’s going to be pretty busy from now until the end of the month when i go to the beach with my family (14 people in one house – are we insane!) happily, i found two great new patterns to knit up using stash yarn, hurrah, plus a gift knit that needs doing asap – knitting just forces me to slow down, always a good thing.

hope your day has been lovely ~

p.s. my cousin amancaya hipped me to some great songs, one very dancey that’s been in my head for days now, <txp:file_download_link id=”15”>see if it does the same for you</txp:file_download_link>. it’s called “atrevete-te” by calle 13, in a style called reggaeton. the lyrics are pretty funny, and full of english words you’ll get, like wiper, hyper, coldplay, green day, kill bill, refill, and more.

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