i want this kind of weekend over and over again

it was filled – just filled to the brim. there were a few key things missing, but still, i feel terribly lucky to have such good friends and to continue to meet and get to know better super interesting people. ah, i love l.a.. pretty soon after i first moved out here – six years ago this summer – i was riding the buses all over the place and really got to know the city. now, it’s like deja vu all over again, as yogi berra says. my farewell tour. (the drama!)

saturday i hung out with francesca, my spinning guild buddy. she’s awesome. we went over to little tokyo, shopped around kinokuniya and both picked up some craftsy books, then hit the small but delicious (and very nicely priced) famer’s market that’s open in the plaza-area on saturdays. after that, we went back to her place and conducted a photo and video shoot for her unique tubular cast-on that uses no waste yarn – it’s fabulous! take a look at her tutorial, with images, pics, and video, she makes it easy to understand what’s going on.

on sunday, i headed over to knit cafe and hung out with julia, who i’d only met once before, but it was just pretty obvious that we had just hit it off, yay. anyhow, again, so cool to see her and chat. i met a bunch of other nice ladies (hi!) as well. i finally picked up the summer IK and as soon as i saw the icarus shawl, i had to find me some laceweight. julia convinced me to get the prettiest grey that has overtones (undertones? whatever) of green. i think it’ll turn out great, hurrah.

but. in the meantime, check out my deciduous top – so much fun to knit, though some of my stitches are wonky right now, hm. plus, i finally get the whole calmer obsession, that yarn truly is a joy to knit with. anyhow, can’t wait to try it on. i’ve been missing my knitting mojo, but it’s back in full force it seems.

ok, so then sunday afternoon/night, a birthday party at my friend’s home in highland park – she rented a moon bounce and there was also a water balloon fight, plus delicious korean food galore. excellent. a question: what do you call a moon bounce? is it just an east coast thing to call it that, or just an andrea thing? everyone there was laughing at me, because they called it a “jumper” or “bouncer”, then when i probed a bit, they admitted it could be also called a “bouncy castle”, “bounce house”, and a few other bizarre terms. is it like the whole regional soda versus pop thing? hmm. so important, you do realize. ha!

all in all, a satisfying weekend- with lots of boring reality (i.e. putting my whole kitchen back together) and sadness (i.e. blasting music, sighing and pacing around my room) thrown in to make it more real. i like it that way, i don’t trust those perfect weekends.

hope yours was equally satisfying ~ ~

p.s. oh yeah, finally i got up my madli’s shawl pics and project info – i finished it in may (!) and have been using it practically non-stop at work and on airplanes. i’m looking pretty unhappy in that foto to the right, but it was taken in may, when i was in fact fairly unhappy. so glad it’s july and not may anymore.

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