jesse honey

for the next two weeks, i’ll be working about fifty+ hours a week – but the last ten days were a good recharging of energy. love those babies.

a little story: on the last day at the beach, after biking in from a nice ride with my sister, the clouds started rolling across the sky. just a few minutes later, the sky was dark and the wind was picking up and tossing everything around. my cousin amancaya (“edelweiss” in spanish, lovely name, no?) picked up jenna and i picked up her twin, jesse, my ahijada (god-daughter). we decided to walk out to the covered porch so that they could experience this crazy weather, especially as it was sure to start pouring any minute. as soon as we got on the porch, both babies got very quiet, stopped squirming, and just stared out at the wind and the clouds. feeling a little silly about it, i couldn’t help but say out loud, “witness mother nature, babies! she is awesome.” no sooner were the words out of my mouth, jesse raised both arms above her head and left them there, without a sound, for almost a full minute. goosebumps and shy but growing smiles quickly followed on our parts.

p.s. way overdue for a new background picture – i’m thinking the planets would be a nice interlude until i bring back some snowy birches in the fall. any other ideas?

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