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~ knitting simplicity, where “the idea is to step back from the rampant consumption that seems to have taken over the knitting blogosphere.” [via liz]

~ harry potter: john irving and stephen king plead with j.k. rowling to not kill harry in book 7. hm, i’m more worried about the weasley twins, ron, and hermione.

~ with no cable and a tv reception that has gone down to 0 channels, this handy list of tv on the net is perfect for those times when i’m feeling a television urge and youtube is not cutting it.

~ check out this nyc green roof, complete with porch and meadow. nice, but only for one family? imagine if all the city buildings had these and they were treated like parks, open to all.

~ the perfect gift – very very tempted to do this for the family this year. (though paperback is more appealing for some reason.) chicas, if you’re reading this, act surprised in december ;)

~ also, from the above article, a quote: “Books are breaking wide open… Books are becoming vehicles that aren’t static things.â€? hm, for bookworms, books have never been static things. but i love seeing the elite idea of authors knocked off its pedestal now that anyone can make a book that looks just as good as any mega-corporate publisher’s book.

~ new yorker article and atlantic monthly article on wikipedia, both interesting in regards to wikipedia’s background/history

~ i recently saw the most recent pirates of the caribbean and i must say, i enjoyed it more than i thought i would. this article explains some of the interest, though really, how can i fail to be charmed by a film that has my mom laughing so hard she’s crying for minutes and minutes at a time?

~ making your internet-browsing work friendly by displaying it in a word 2003 format ;)

~ the deluded world of air conditioning. i didn’t realize a/c affects gas consumption as much as 4 gallons per mile. !

some picture explanation: the first is a quote that got my goat (ha! i’m a poet, didn’t know it, my feet showed it, they’re longfellows. .. hm, anyone else know that saying? my dad used to say it all the time when i was little and it stuck. um. ).. anywho, that quotation can be found on a random ucla building – and why? no idea. so cheery, it made me all grumpy just looking at it. so, yup, took a photo of it. several in fact. second pic is from the getty where i attended a reception this past friday. i like it because from far away, it looks like a bit of moss and stuff growing teeny-tiny in some little forgotten corner somewhere but in reality, it’s a human-sized grove of trees/large bushes in the corner of a big old building. moss for giants, perhaps.

work is kicking my butt. and as for months now, i’m missing horribly irrevocably giant parts of my life. looking and seeing hints everywhere, my heart stops and leaps into my throat, turning flip-flops & falling out as butterflies, and then.. nothing. not there. just a giant headache and a squeezing fist. i’ve lost my life – but i keep waking up, and smiling and eating and cooing to my cats and planning and dreaming… how can that be? ah, here comes the existential me. few of you out there know that andrea.

ok, that’s my cue to step away from the keyboard. off to get some pure sugar to sustain me through the day, tsk tsk. more knitting soon ~ and some music content via a new-to-me idea. happy august ~ ~

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