it’s been a great two weeks at work – full of interesting people, tasks, and conversations, but i am exhausted. tonight i plan on catching up on sleep since tomorrow i’m hosting a spin-in at my place with a handful of spinning friends. yay!

ok, this is the only icarus photos you’ll be getting for a while as it’ll bascially look the same, just larger and more puddled, until i get to the edging. pretty, though, no?

it’s been about six weeks since i sold my car, and though my wimpy legs are starting to get pretty tired of walking to and from the bus stations every day (about 30+ minutes each way), it’s still been a change for the better. i know that illustration looks exagerrated, but for someone like me who gets pissy and combative in a second when driving, it’s been great not feeling that familiar road rage every single day, so the image fits me to a t. i’m waiting for an interesting book that reinforces these feelings, and in the meanwhile, this list of carfree places in the world is fascinating.

i love riding the bus – i don’t love standing on it for hours, but it’s never boring. and if it is, i can just close my eyes and sleep. hands down, it’s the best place for people watching and wow, one of the last places you’d think to see it, but people are so much nicer and considerate to each other on the bus than almost anywhere else, at least in public.

mcdonalds had the idiotic idea of giving away little plastic hummers in every happy meal. obscene, ugh. [via treehugger]

it’s national farmers market week, which reminds me how much i’ve been missing fresh local produce and open-air markets.. i’m so far behind on the eat local summer, it’s not even funny – things have been wayy too chaotic for me to be able to participate, what a total bummer. but i haven’t entirely given up yet.. [via liz]

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