words later

hm, nevermind the later:

my sister claudin is here visiting for a week and we’ve already packed more into the last four days than i usually do in two weeks. of course, no work makes that easy – as do lovely events like the “fabulous fiber fest” (must be said with giant exclamation marks in your voice, it’s so very fun to do) where we ran into julia (who posted a cute pic of claudi and me, and one of me spinning) and marnie, which is always great. i didn’t go crazy but got some lovely fiber (pygora and a grafton batt of merino, plus some exotic fiber from a friend) – and notice the lovely glitter mascara? i like some fun makeup now and then, and glitter always receives a happy ‘yay!’

on sunday caroline, claudi and me went to the hollywood farmer’s market for their annual heirloom tomato festival. claudi, ever the professional/fanatical runner, ran in griffith park later that day while i took shots of the food haul, yum.

more happened since (today was our beverly hills day, with a nice celebrity sighting, etc, tomorrow is all santa monica with hopefully some bike rentals), and claudi has fotos too – plus a trip to the bay area is planned for thurs and friday, and so on and so forth. yay.

happy late august everyone~ ~

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