lazy hazy crazy days of summer?

um, i don’t think so. there’s just too much that’s interesting that i want to learn and do and.. if it’s not clear yet, i’m definitely one of those go-go-go! people (though i like to think i can totally chill now and then), that’s just my normal mode, for good or bad. so even now, after my sister left, i have two days of work to go, etc. there’s still so much. nothing booked, no firm plans till october, but my brain is bursting with to-do lists. thank goodness none of them binding.

~ one thing i’m really looking forward to when i go back east: a long-promised intro to weaving class at the famous mannings in pennsylvania

~ two handy links for those thinking about traveling cross country with their pets: pets welcome will show you a list of pet-friendly hotels along your specified route</a> plus they have a thorough planning list before the move happens.

~ there’s so many out there like this, but i like librivox (esp. this story, always loved it) for passing the time away on the bus, while walking, cooking, you name it.

~ my favorite so. cal. homesteading family has their own video, check it out.

~ before i found out pets weren’t allowed, i was seriously considering traveling across the country in a cozy train ‘roomette’. ah well, another time.

~ NASA can’t find original tape of moon landing. quote: “We haven’t seen them for quite a while. We’ve been looking for over a year and they haven’t turned up.” ! !!! sigh.

~ the new craft zine website is up – and the craft journal is coming out this fall. for those who already follow the make blog, you’re probably already looking forward to it, but those who don’t, it’s by o’reilly, the same folks who bring you those animal-cover computer books.. mm, too nerdy?

~ didja know: “there are only three words in the English language with ‘dw’ as the first letters. They are dwarf, dwindle, and dwell” [via comments on this squeetus post looking for wr- words]

~ i love reading posts from the worsted witch – if it’s not about making beauty products in your kitchen, understanding how wasteful your lawn is, then it’s about sustainability in the fiber & textile arts. how great is that!

~ appropriately, How to Convert a Lawn to a Native Meadow or Woodland [via worsted witch] – when i get my own place, i’m totally doing this.

~ a friend at work told me about this amazing opportunity and now my mind is spinning with thoughts of that, this, this, and more. my plans for the winter are set, but beyond that, i have had fairly rough plans, but now.. who knows where i’ll be? my feet are starting to itch again, like they haven’t in years.

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