general forecast: as of friday, that’s what i am, unemployed. people at work/school, kept asking me, well what’s the plan then? and i’d just grin and say nothing, nada, zip. for this first week at least, i plan to veg – get out silly movies from the library, spin like a mad woman, cook a lot, go sightseeing on the bus for hours, read a ton of books, and sleep sleep sleep.

specific forecast: today has been a jumble of ideas, feelings, pacing, exclaiming, worrying and so on – i hope the next two months aren’t this hectic. anyhow, something big is happening today, i’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers – will you do the same? i’ll explain what it’s all about tomorrow, promise, but for today, no jinxing allowed. just happy thoughts sent my way, please, and i’ll pass them on to where it’s very much needed.

ok, after all, some spinning – my first time with two new fibers: pygora and flax. the pygora was one of the quickest spins i’ve ever done, it practically spun itself. there was only an ounce of it, so at 2-ply, that means 47 yards, but still, what a dream! (oh, and the drink in that pic isn’t milk, it’s horchata – gotta love l.a., the only place i know of where they sell horchata right next to the orange juice and whole milk, yay.)

the minute flax gets spun into yarn, it’s no longer flax but linen. lovely, with 252 yards of it, made up of singles that were pretty darn balanced. it took about four hours to spin, seeing as how i have no distaff, which would have helped tremendously, and that i had to wet each strand as it went (to strengthen the fiber and smooth it down as well, give it a try). after spinning, as you can see, i boiled it for about an hour which did indeed soften it up just a tad. i absolutely love that this came from a plant, and i’m just itching to try nettles. hm.

p.s. you did hear the croc hunter died, right? :( absolutely sucks.

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