thanks for all the comments on that last post ~ i’m sending my brother the link today and i’m sure he’ll be pleased as punch. so far, so good: he’s home now and happy to be out of the hospital and scott is doing well too, though will be at john hopkins for a while yet.

and what’s this? knitting? yes indeed. i have twenty-two rows to go before binding off, but with each row taking a good twenty minutes (and i read that the bind-off is a bit of a bother), it’ll be a week or so until icarus is done. at least i’m at the fun part with the feathers and such – plus i’m thinking about adding the beads the designer mentioned. so, make that two weeks. ;) no rush, i’m enjoying it for now.

and that in the corner, what’s that? my happy sourdough starter i got from a friend’s boyfriend a while back. i’m planning on making some homemade sourdough bread tomorrow. can’t wait.

other than that, i’m keeping on keeping on, you know? hope you are too. i almost always have good intentions about posting more often, but there’s so much coming up this week and so much happened this past week that i absolutely must post more and soon.

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