dye day

alert: new background, so click ‘reload’ on your browser a few times if it doesn’t load automatically; it’s the flammarion woodcut – an image i’ve loved, and have framed in my bedroom, for a while now. this image just freaks me out ~ makes me go all dreamy-eyed and wistful.. something about being trapped and escape and possibilities and the beauty of the world all wrapped up. huh.

see this?

these are the supplies for my natural dye class i’m taking at the local fiber store – it’ll last for eight weeks, with classes every other saturday all day long. today is

Concepts of Mordanting: The application of the mordant is the most important step in the entire practice of dyeing. We will learn both the theory and process of mordanting silk, wool and cotton. You will mordant your materials and let them cure for use in the subsequent classes.

eek, how cool is that.

and my first ever, a teeny little contest: since i finshed icarus – just need to block it tomorrow or monday and plan on sleeping on the couch as a result, it’s so friggin’ big – here’s my next project, a little splurge of mine..

any guesses? a randomly chosen correct guess will get you a silly postcard from me and a free itunes song download (that i got as a result of filling out a ucla survey but i don’t do itunes). i told you it was teeny, though i might do a few other postcards too (snail mail, not e-mail ones.. that’s right, from los angeles, oh the glamor!)

update: yes it’s fair isle, no it’s not gloves, a bag, a vest, or a sweater. any more guesses?

off to do some dyeing ~ happy saturday ~ ~

p.s. i can’t help it – check out my cutie trouble giving her stern stare when i eat cheese and don’t immediately share:

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