Icarus Shawl

finished: september 17, 2006
pattern: icarus shawl designed by miriam felton from the IK summer 2006 issue
yarn: exactly 2 balls of misti baby alpaca
needles: size 4 circs

i love me some lace! and the moment i saw the picture in the summer IK issue, i gasped, turned around – i was happily in a knitting store when this happend, and bought some laceweight yarn. six weeks later, here it is, hooray. i would have finished a lot sooner, say maybe four weeks, but my circular needle broke ;( and i had some issues with some of the stockinette.

so, yeah, like 90% of the shawl is the stockinette/YOs section and it takes forever and a day. so easy to remember, no need for markers, but easy to mess up. in other words, tinking pretty regularly to fix this or that, and my fixes were not too pretty. alpaca is sticky, to each other at least, and tinking lace is never pretty, but i got pretty good at and blocking fixed most of the uneven stitches and such.

i love the color of this shawl – i would have picked another color, probably a lot more boring, but julia pointed out that the different colors – there’s a bit of green and a kind of gold – would really make the project shine. of course, she was right! thanks julia ;)

also, i was thinking of taking these pics downtown, but for now, it’s just in my much-beloved apartment. i was afraid of crushing the shawl in my bag and anyway, i would have been shy doing this in front of others. hm, just a side note – not really knitting-related.

anyhow, i’ll definitely make more of these, and i’m already eyeing miriam’s other creations. btw, the knitalong blog, icarusalong.blogspot.com, has excellent info and finished pics.

[wanna know more? see posted entries about icarus.]

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