natural dye workshop: week 1

finally, a little write-up and about a dozen pics from last weekend’s dye workshop. this coming saturday will be the second session and we’ll be dyeing – can’t wait.

~ more pics and info from a friend also taking the class ;)
~ all fiber arts’ dye plants page
~ a great list of natural dye links
~ actual lesson plan for 5th-8th graders on natural dyeing, cool
~ joy of handspinning’s list of mordants
~ a good table of colors from dye plants, with a ton of added info
~ mordanting linen
~ felicia’s posts on dyeing with gorgeous pics and a lot of great info.
~ solar mordanting!
~ some basic mordanting instructions
~ a handspun fulled madder-dyed cap, plus she even cleaned and carded her own fiber, wow.
~ knitting iris’ natural dyeing blog, with great pics and knitted stuff from the dyed yarn, so cool.

thanks for all the nice comments on icarus ~ ~

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