a few days ago, my laptop’s power cord started shooting out sparks. scary! after three years, the cord had been tripped over countless times, yanked out of the laptop dozens of times, and so on. it was not looking pretty, but i was not expecting the sparks – i’ve been so careful the last few months.

anyhow, went to the nearest apple store and i gotta say i’m not happy. not only do they not carry the old powercords, but there’s none to be found in all of l.a. county, they said. so, i went online to apple’s website to order one, and the soonest they can get it to me would be in 3-4 weeks. ridiculous! makes me very angry.

online again i went, and found this, for less than half the price of the apple version. with 2 day shipping, it’ll be here on wednesday at the latest. good reviews can be found as well, though i won’t be completely sure until it arrives, of course.

i’m really disappointed in apple, and looking at the 1,077 reviews for the old powercord, it seems there are many many of us out there. bad design, horrible shipping wait, not to mention expensive price equals a lot of unhappy people.

ok, end of rant. i’ll be back in a few days ~ ~ things have been miraculously good and real and all the things you hope for, but i’m cautious and trying to not jinx things or fall into complete dreams. hope your first day of october goes beautifully.

update: it arrived in record time and works like a dream. yay ;)

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