hi there ~ here’s some of what i’ve been busy with this past week though there’s also been a horrible eye infection that kept me huddled on my bed for two days waiting for the pain to end with tears constantly dropping down my cheek (i kid you not. it was baaaad.), many hours on the phone with, and standing outside my apartment waiting for, dhl to deliver a package, plus other fun stuff that depressed me to no end (will the patterns ever stop! i just want new problems) and then other stuff that made me smile and laugh as soon as i opened my eyes this morning. it’s been one of those weeks, chock full.

here, one led to another within ten hours.

but at least i kept busy.

and it’s cold enough in the morning to wear this! proper pics and info soon, soon, though please note the double zipper i’m so proud of.

last but not least, some links to while away your weekend.

~ idea, the international dialects of english archive
~ spiders on drugs and the resulting webs. i’m against animal testing in labs, but it is pretty interesting. here’s a similar experiment using a human, some acid, and an ‘activity box’.
~ an amusing list of insults [via kottke]
~ pretty darn cute bitty booties make me want to sew. the pattern is free, too.
~ just discovered book mooch via library thing. dangerous stuff there.

listening to black sabbath at all volume, getting ready to go to the library, happy andrea! have a fabulous october weekend ~

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