poking around online

~ convert knitting patterns to fit gauge [via mj]

~ the new dove ad is pretty facinating to watch. what do you think?

~ this food timeline is a bit overwhelming, but i can spend hours reading it. plus i dig the layout, so 1997. ;)

~ of course, the winter preview for interweave’s knits is up. like most, i like the veronik avery, kate gilbert, nora gaughan, and eunny jang designs. so many cables and colorwork, definitely fun. i like the idea of the rambling rose cardigan, esp. the sleeves, but it’s a bit too tight all around and the colors too different.. closer shades and a looser fit could be quite nice.

~ the new itunes 7 has its’ issues, but one giant plus is the ability to backup and restore the library as well as the playlists. finally!

~ this outfit makes me wish my hair would grow faster already so i could play with it more

~ good free photoshop tutorials, incl. removing a tan line, making a poster look old complete with stains, tears, and so on.

~ silly but fun: urban fairy doors, including a special project to catch the fairies conducted by a bunch of five year olds. aww.

~ the dog whisperer is fascinating. i need to watch the dvds, these previews just aren’t enough.

~ i wish i could smell all these scents. though i pretty much have stuck to one scent for over ten years now, i like to try other stuff once in a while

~ have you seen jodi green’s newest designs? too cute. and though it’s been out for a while now, glampyre/stephanie japel’s newest is beautiful as well.. though the price of that yarn?! crrazy.

~ for those of you with old textbooks to sell, my sister told me about this site: books into cash where they pay for the books, including the shipping to send them

~ this spicy sweet potato soup is amazing.

~ the librarian in me loves these types of discussions, “How should I organize my personal library?”

~ last week was a bad week. not only was there bogus columbus day, how about world overshoot day?

~ earth wallpapers for your desktop. i chose mauritania.

happy tuesday to you all. i’m off to ucla to pick up my last paycheck and take some pics around town, but first some music and some cat petting. ~ ~

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