day two

some of us are adjusting pretty quickly:

i’m being super super careful with my kittens, making sure they get comfortable with each new area – be it my room, the roof (!), the balcony, whatever – before i introduce the next new thing, but still, it’s a relief to see them settling in and not hating me forever. ;) that’s trouble at the gate and trouble first up the roof, mama cat following cautiously a little bit later. (my room is on the 2nd floor with a balcony that sits right next to the garage roof. trouble likes roofs, so this is a good sign.)

and me? happy to be dressing warmer, since it’s definitely cold here – today calls for comfy clothing, see? also, this morning i woke up and went straight to the library. nothing like a library card to make you feel more at home. such a librarian, huh.

i’m way behind on emails, reading other sites, and more. this weekend is full of family-ness, but i’ll be sure to catch up asap.

happy weekend ~ ~

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