some crafting

hi there ~ just to give a break to all the moving/adjusting/moody/crazy andrea posts, here’s a short one that’s strictly craft-related.

remember my crewel attempts? well, about a month ago, i bought brand new jeans that came, as jeans often do nowadays, all ripped up. no problem there, except one rip was a little too ripped, so ta-daa, crewelry at work.

the next mini-project was knitting up my first homespun linen into a set of useful washcloths. it shows my uneven spinning, but somehow that ends up being a plus. ;) i’d read online that many don’t enjoy knitting linen, that it’s as unforgiving in give as cotton, but i found it much nicer to knit with. who cares anyhow ~ it drapes beautifully, has beautiful texture, and will just get stronger and softer as time goes by. i’ll definitely be spinning more flax in the future, though what i’d really love to try is nettle. too cool.

lastly, since i forgot to pack any stuff to keep me craftily occupied until my shipping cube arrives ( what was i thinking?! also forgot to pack any clothing in my carry-on bag, but did manage to pack three pairs of shoes. basically i’ve been going around maryland nekkid, but with a nice variety of footwear. * smacks forehead *), i’ve been getting some nice crafting accessories: the first craft mag put out by make/o’reilly, the latest vogue knitting, and i finally caved in and got that quilt-it kit put out by denise schmidt.

quick thoughts:
~ the craft magazine is outrageously expensive ($15!). the projects are unique and truly inspiring. the writing is less inspiring, more wince-causing & raised such questions like, why come up with a new acronym – MIY (make it yourself) – when DIY is already in existence? the D in DIY is broader, more powerful, and more disruptive to the powers-that-be than the relatively meek consumptive M. anywho.
~ loving the vogue texture! all those cables and laces, totally fun. didn’t even look at the articles. the overwhelming ads as always are annoying.
~ although i haven’t even threaded the needle yet, i can tell i’m going to like this quilt-it kit. quilting is pretty intimidating and this feels like such an easy slide into that world, though of course, with these very words, i’ve jinxed myself horrendously. the colors, the variety, the sizes (i like small. i don’t have time right now for a queen-sized quilt) – all appeals.

that’s it for now, thanks y’all. i’m in the south (!), so that y’all is entirely appropriate. hope your tuesday is totally tubular, dudes. (you can take the girl out of california, but you can’t take california out of the girl. …hopeless one-track mind, huh?)

p.s. please please take a moment and send me your address. really! i have plans, lovely little plans, but it requires addresses. so, send it!

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