my family moved to this house when i was six months old and i lived here until i was eighteen, so for years and years, when i said home, i meant here. now, home moves with me and can also always be found with those i love. the house itself has undergone some massive changes since i lived here a decade ago (!). but the land is as familiar as the back of my hand – its grooves and nooks and sounds. so, a peek at the back, which i tromp through every day to feed the horses.

i’m still all adrift in my mind, it’s hard to really figure out where i am, what i’m doing, where i’m going, what i want. it’s much easier to figure out the opposites – what i don’t want, where i don’t want to go, etc. ah, i guess we all deal with those issues all the time. part of the all this is my still trying to find the right rhythm here – i really had a great one going in my little apartment on catalina street. it’ll take time, i know.

it’s raining – it’s been raining almost eighteen hours now and my l.a. self is so pleased. i keep the door to the balcony cracked a few inches for the cats and last night, trouble woke me up by bounding onto the bed, tail quivering with excitement, her whole body lightly misted with rain, and yowling with happiness. that’s such a nice way to be awaken. she used to love sitting in the tub, with the faucet just barely turned on, but that isn’t possible with the fancy showers that we have here, so i was worried about her missing the water. well, here’s the real deal for her, and boy was she thrilled.

the cube arrived and the first two items i unpacked was the cat carpet-tree and my wheel, yay. hope your weekend was relaxing and happy ~ ~

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