gavin baby

it’s a been a long week full of babies ~ since saturday afternoon, we’ve been waiting for baby g to be born (my sister, such a tease, kept us all in suspense for the whole nine months), and in the meantime, there were five other kids that needed babysitting, changing, attention – and how! -, etc etc. at first, i was tossing them in the air, twirling them until we fell all dizzy, dancing like a mad woman to get a grin, but now, i’m reduced to a toss here or there and mostly weird faces and odd sounds. ;) anyhow, finally, wednesday morning, around eight a.m., gavin thomas came into the world. how exciting! we’re a family fulllll of women (four men, eleven women), so all the guys cheered when he was born. i must say, i’m awfully pleased to have another nephew. gavin was 21 inches long, weighing 8 lbs. and 13 oz. when born, quite a change from the twins and kiyra, who were all under 6 lbs.

it’s been a bit sleep-deprived for all of us this week ~ though of course, nothing compared to the parents. still, tuesday night was the worst, with my mom, my brother-in-law, and me up all night, keeping company with my sister at the hospital. during the actual birth, i had camera duty and made sure to take a ton of pictures, really get in there, in the action, you know? makes for some interesting pictures, if nothing else. !

a bit of a scattered post, but i had to get some pics up and document this big old change in life. …from now on, the name gavin will mean a special someone to all of us. just like that, our whole lives change, how cool is that. he’s such a good baby that had already latched on (phew) and makes the sweetest little grins and winks. anyhow, enjoy the pics and thanks for all the nice comments and notes. also, if you haven’t sent me your address yet, please do! i can’t believe next week is thanksgiving, another hectic week on top of newborn-duty. i’m not complaining though ~ i’m getting constant baby love. ;)

quick captions: the proud parents with gavin a few minutes after birth, me holding him just after, my goddaughter jesse fascinated with her little brother this morning, and me entertaining the eldest sister as best as i know how (notice her mirrored tongue, she’s such a cutie,) and jenna, the philosopher, cautiously touching her brother with one finger, her favorite way of greeting, e.t.-style.

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