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my schedule seems to be settling down a bit – i tend to spend every other day with my sister, and i like to do it in one go, i.e. the whole day, and on those odd days, i have time to spend with my brother, my mom, and time just for me. last night was a combo of the last two – the early evening was spent organizing all my fiber, hence that first pic. (btw, the desk is an old one of my dad’s – he had it forever in his study and i love it. it’s a little too shiny for photos, but it’s a nice long and wide desk.) ideally, i want to exchange the plastic for some nice wood bins, but for now, i’m happy with this setup. not included is the one (small) rubbermaid container that holds all my fiber – maybe three pounds max, which surprised me.

my mom came back later that night and we ended up chatting and gossiping, and then a bit later, i convinced her (it wasn’t that hard ;) ) to give a try at the wheel – look how cute she is! (and see how the cats have gotten used to her. awesome.) and such a perfectionist – she kept saying that the yarn wasn’t right, that she wouldn’t be able to do anything with it, and so on. anyhow, it was a good time, and i got some spinning in myself – first clearing off all the bobbins (hence the three little skeins of singles) and then finishing up the merino/silk noil 2-ply, which came out super-consistent, hooray.

today i’m off to the mall with my brother-in-law and the three eldest kids, to give my sister some alone time with her newborn. my dad gets back from bolivia tonight, so i’ll probably go to the airport to pick him up. what else.. oh! i have to get a scratching pad for my cats, as their carpet-tree-thing isn’t cutting it. busy day, but first, a late breakfast. happy sunday ~ ~

and a few links:

~ have you heard about the yarn museum?
~ browsershots is like browser cam but it’s free. see what your site looks like in different browsers on different operating systems. handy.
~ download youtube videos to your computer! for my mac, i use a combo of this greasemonkey script and isquint, making it literally a two-step process. easy!
~ stamp carving 101. a bunch of years back, i was into making stamps and i keep meaning to make some more. hm.

p.s. re: that last pic – i finally finished the laceleaf sweater! after almost a year of just laying at the bottom of the wips basket, it took about thirty minutes to finish. now if only i can find the intended button, it’s around here somewhere. after that, a good steam and i’ll be ready to show some pics.

it’s cold enough here, that’s for sure, brrr.

p.s. again: a more formal write-up soon, but for now, check out, and sign up for!, the stranded colorwork knitalong that mj, mary-heather and i are hosting. hooray for color ;)

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