hi ~ i was in denial all day yesterday but this morning, it proved impossible to ignore: cough cough, i’m sick, or in other words: “slow down!” lots of orange juice today and i should be ok by tomorrow-ish though. …oof, that’s a jinx if there ever was one.

~ bird feeding basics (and also check out

~ turn any pc into your own free tivo and more [via makezine]

~ stellarium, an open-source planetarium for you computer [via makezine]

~ wood, the new andy goldsworthy book [via endicott studio] also, check out this video. i really like this guy’s art.

~ ah, a 16th century cottage for sale.

~ i want to paint a tree on the leaning wall (i’m in the attic) above my bed like this girl did.

~ this etsy user posts links to some upcoming maryland craft shows. handy.

and most importantly.. stranded: the colorwork challenge knit-along starts on friday! mj, mary-heather and i have lots of great plans for the kal and.. well, it’s just going to be awesome, promise. we have over 45 participants signed up with more being added every day. come join us ~ ~ we’ll have links to resources, write up tutorials, beautiful pics, a flickr group with discussion, and all kinds of good fun. joining is simple, just email strandedcolorwork at yahoo dot com. there’s no deadline, no fancy rules, just a lot of knitting and color. whatcha waiting for!

so verrrry behind on emails ~ forgive me?
a sleepy smile and congested “hello” sent to all of you ;)
~ andrea

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