1) ack! 2) determined.

number 1 came as a result of realizing how long it’s been since i’ve posted, number 2 quickly followed with the vow of more posting. i realized a while back that writing a journal, which is what i’ve seen this website to be for a long while now, is most especially important when times are hard because later you can look back and see how you dealt with those tough times, for good or for bad. things are indeed tough but also wonderful and relaxing and frustrating and confining and filled with laughter and loneliness. it’s all a big jumble. anyhow, the main message: post more, it’ll help you. even if what i write doesn’t seem all that important at the time, later it’ll reveal good stuff. so here i am.

december is moving fast, as always. i’m definitely feeling ho-ho-ho right now, with my sister claudin visiting and both her and luci coming back on friday, yay. it feels like i spent all last week babysitting so this week i’m only doing it for two days, a few hours or so each time. phew. i so want to have kids one day, but seeing how much time they take up, i really wonder, do you have to be a lot less selfish than i am now, or do you just not have to really realize what you’re undertaking when you get pregnant?

i went out tonight with claudin and my mom and we hit georgetown with a vengeance, trying to find new year’s eve dresses. we’re going to asheville, north carolina for the end of the year, staying at a fancy hotel, going to a spa, and all that good stuff. i’m excited, especially knowing that the great earth guild store is there, filled with amazing things i’ll want to buy. oh temptation! also, i’m determined to get my sisters absolutely drunk new year’s eve – they’re so sassy when buzzed, it’s the cutest thing.

ok, enough with the chattiness, some links for you:

~ think you’re good with geography? try the world map online game. i scored horribly.

~ silly fun with flickr toys

~ gnoosic will recommend new books and music according to what you already like [via heidi]

~ a cool gift-wrapping idea: cereal boxes. on second thought, maybe a sad idea? i remember i got a book from the l.a. library once on making furniture and plates and stuff out of newspaper. i thought it was sooo cool, but looking back, it was a combo, with a heavy leaning towards the sad. .. :) [via worstedwitch]

~ these environmental ads featuring animals make me laugh and then get gloomy and mutter “we’re doomed! doomed!”. the theme today is contradictory thoughts, huh?

~ according to one study, sitting up straight is bad for your back! an angle of 135 degrees is optimal, they say.

hm. thought i had more links, but hope that’s interesting for now. i helped organize a ton of pics my mom had today and boy was that a walk down memory lane. the best part is, i found a dozen photos from a previously-thought-lost time of mine in l.a. when i lived in a loft downtown. so long ago! i was all emotionated, as i kept saying to my sister. i love my life! it’s been hard and sad sometimes, but it’s been full, just crammed full, and that i absolutely love.

feeling sentimental, and a bit woozy from the wine tonight!, g’night,
~ andrea

p.s. for your visual enjoyment, <a target=”blank” href=“http://mellowtrouble.net/files/trouble_sink.mov”>here’s a short trouble movie</a> (especially for moni) showing her, yes, drinking out of the sink. trouble just _loves water. it’s her god.

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