craftsy update

too many projects, never enough time! ah, that’s the way life is, huh. better that than the opposite, that’s for sure. anyhow, here’s my craftsy to do list:

~ turkish cape from vogue knitting. no picture here, it looks a lot like before, but wider and with about four inches more to it. stranded knitting is not that bad, when it’s only two or three colors at a time.. four or five colors kicks my butt, though. in other words, blocking is my friend.

~ stare in happy satisfaction at christmas goods. besides the three poetry in stitches/ norsk strikkedesign kits (!), i also got a pound of the almost solids series sampler, a tensioned lazy kate, and a distaff, hooray. then, pick a kit and start swatching.

~ stain the wheel the same walnut color the kate has. repeat with bobbins and niddy-noddy. a little intimidating, but my both my parents are expert stainers, or so they say. !

~ knit a top-down raglan cardi using a combo of handspun and leftovers. that’s a pound of delicious maryland-grown jacob 2-ply yarn, at 12 w.p.i. (more or less) and roughly 825 yards. (btw, that’s two swatches – one as singles, the other as the 2-ply. neither was blocked, just washed. this yarn blooms beautifully!) i really like the colored yokes in the opinionated knitter but i don’t think i have enough of the colors i want, so it’s more as an inspiration. we’ll see what becomes of that.

~ dress that distaff and spin some more flax. yay for linen!

~ i have two folkwear patterns – one halfway done, the other not even started. sewing! more on that soon.

~ still have that beautiful denise schmidt quilt kit filled with quilty ideas. i also bought a pillow form, a rotary cutter, and found an old bag filled with fiber scraps. quilting!

~ while in asheville, yup, i succumbed to two basket kits. no pictures yet, it’s just too embarrassing to realize how deep in crafts i truly am. they’re beautiful kits, but for now, hidden under my bed. so, basketry!

~ design (!) my mom’s cardigan and knit it up already. this is going to be the most challenging project i think, but it’ll be sooo very satisfying at the end. designing!

i have a few other secret projects, but this is a good enough list for now, no? gulp.

happy tuesday ~ ~

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