a week in the sun

hi there ~

this past week i’ve been in barbados with about half of my family, soaking up the sun. today’s our last day, we leave later this afternoon, but i plan on making the best of the remaining hours in the sunshine, especially as the forecast for tuesday in maryland is snow..! one extreme to the other, i like that. love the snow, but i’d forgotten how beautiful blue waters can be.

here’s some pics to brighten up your winter days.. i have adorable nephew and niece photos, but i often feel shy posting kid pics online, unless there’s something super special to celebrate, know what i mean? so, some landscapes, a moonscape, and me zoning out while wearing my new enormous hat.

this is our second time to the east coast of the island – the winds blow strong, the waves crash loud, the tourists are few, and the stars at night make you feel like the teeniest speck in the galaxy’s eye.

hope your week has been excellent ~~

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