of course

a good way to start the day: listening to the day’s news and playing an online game at the same time, while lying in bed with two cats curled around you.

a bad way to start the day: only realize about twenty minutes later that one of the cats had peed all over the end of the comforter because your feet have gotten suspiciously and increasingly wet.

sigh. there’s a reason her name’s trouble. her middle name should be mud.

hm, a pic to remind me i love her, taken at my old apartment. (gulp.) ..not to say mamacat’s so innocent. here’s one showing her favorite place to sleep.. on my knitting.

oh, yup, some knitting progress. that’s nice, right?
happy weekend ~

p.s. i’m thinking fridays might be “songs that have been stuck in my head all week” posts. today’s song is chet baker‘s “i get along without you very well.” hey, it was either that or the chorus from bob the builder’s theme song. darn kids. anyhow, enjoy.

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