boulder & a bride to be

happy news: my sister claudi got engaged two weeks ago to her boyfriend of over four years! it’ll be a late fall wedding, but we’ve already checked out some paper stores, dresses, and flower shops while here in boulder. ..we keep teasing her about her ring, accusing her of flashing it at us all the time, but she’s in denial. ;) (in that second pic, she’s supposedly pointing out the orange button, ha!)

so, here she’s modeling a stealth knit i made this month, or actually started just a few days before going to barbados. i used up some stash yarn – about 9 balls of some merino bought two years ago, hooray. it’s based on this buttony sweater pattern, but i added waist shaping and tightened it up a bunch. oh and i had fun with the buttons, of course.

there was a lot of guesswork with this pattern, especially as there was no stated gauge, and this was my first top-down knit. never realized how much i needed gauge until it wasn’t there! anyhow, i really like the way it turned out. i thought i would keep it, but then i let claudin try it on, a total mistake, and there was no way i was getting it off of her. really though, it’s such a great feeling seeing your siblings walk around wearing your knits. love it!

other than that, i’m finally peeling, walked around in some real fluffy snow, and have been eating up a storm – there’s a ton of great organic and local-produce-emphasized restaurants around here. also, last night, i made these delicious baked doughnuts. we inhaled them so no pictures are available. all in all, just having a good relaxing break from life and instead indulging in some sisterly fun. today someone thought we were triplets! i was practically twitching with happiness at the idea. ;) i don’t think we look that alike, but when others do, it just makes me beam.

my sisters just went off for their afternoon run, so i’m going to catch up on some news and start quilting up that denyse schmidt pillow i started a few days ago. nice.

hope your weekend goes great ~ ~

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