although blocking is wonderful..

alas, it’s not enough. this is the center panel to my poetry in stitches sweater and it’s measuring.. wait for it.. 30 inches! that’s a pretty long sweater, folks.

so, i’ll admire the prettiness of it, but i’m afraid it’ll have to be knit again. one question: take out a repeat or go down a needle size or two? (that would mean size 1s or 0s – though the yarn could handle it as it’s practically laceweight yarn.) i have the rest of the body (the whole lice part), measuring about 20 inches, on hold, waiting to see how this center panel goes length-wise so now’s the chance to make it a shorter or longer sweater. (it’s supposed to measure 25 inches long according to the pattern.) whatcha think?

some links:
~ incredible picture of a massive sinkhole in guatemala, with more info here
~ the quilt index shows images and info on hundreds of quilts made in the last couple of centuries in the u.s.
~ pin tin canny is an easy little project with felt [via craftzine]
~ have you been eyeing that meathead pattern for a while? now you can get it, and the money goes towards a good cause too. [via julia]

happy wednesday ~ and a happy welcome to march, the best month of the year! ;)

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