gavin + viva

first, thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes via email, snail mail, comments and even a text message (which was the second one i’ve ever gotten. i felt so hip and with it. ;) ~ i’ve been living it up the last few days with lots of little happy-birthday-to-me gifts (shoes! skirts! books! food food food! fat quarters! a trip every day to the library! .. yeah, well for me, that’s living it up. i’ve also been spending some good aunt time with all the babies and as both my parents are away right now and will be for the next couple of weeks, i’m also animal-lady, taking care of three cats, eight fish (salt- and fresh-water), two dogs, and two horses. it’s been busy.

anyhow, for now, i just had to share this sweet video of my nephew gavin, who is a little over three months old. my sister took it today and as soon as she did, she said, like the proud mama she is, that i should post it for everyone to see. that gavin is such a great little baby. and who’s viva? i’ve probably mentioned it before, but yeah, that’s me, my nickname to the kids in the family. i love hearing my nieces and nephew yell out “vivaaa!” when they see me. at their ages (six and under), my enthusiasm with physical comedy (sitting on them “by accident”, “falling asleep” snoring while talking to them, dancing impromptu jigs, and so on) gets them all giggly and even more bright-eyed. mmmm. love that.

[if you have trouble seeing the video above, try here and, for those wanting more, here’s the longer version at fifty-two seconds (around 5 mb) ~ it may take a minute or so to load but be patient, it’s totally worth it. gavin is adorably vocal and i make all kinds of funny faces. ]

hm, after nine+ hours spent with four kids two and under and two kids in their thirties (my sis and her hub), i’m pooped. happy friday ~ ~

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