serious linkage

i have lots of little projects going on – some just in my head, but some that other people can actually see. here’s the result, so far, of some of the head ones:

food glorious food..
~ one woman’s list of 5 foods to eat before you die
~ real people eat local
~ can’t wait until sunday!
~ the most complete listings of maryland csas i’ve been able to find so far
~ pupusas and curtido, mmm. missing being able to see buy good ranchero and cotija cheese from the local market. also, i just realized i left my tortilla press and my comal behind in l.a. :(

window shopping..
~ what a pretty pretty cowl-neck dress
~ st- paddy’s day earrings – my grandmother had this knack of finding four-leaf clovers that was amazing
~ little pouch kit at, which is closing!

rubberstamping and papermaking..
~ hand carved stamps
~ using staedler erasers
~ more transfer methods
~ but really, here’s the best tutorial
~ mm, papermaking. yay!
~ uh-oh, fiber is enjoyable in all its formats

paper toys..!
~ eloole toy
~ disney movie machine. i’m not a big disney fan, but i do like this
~ paper forest has lists and lists of more paper toys to download and cut out. very fun. stay tuned.

book recommendations & authors’ sites:
~ laura mccaffrey’s suggestions
~ robin mckinley has a new book coming out this fall, hooray!
~ dia calhoun wrote a really interesting YA story about a girl with manic depression, so i want to remember to get more of her stuff out.
~ a list of all past nominees for the mythopoeic fantasy award; must be a good list for all fantasy lovers out there
~ if i ever became a writer, i’d definitely be more of a hummingbird than an owl, though i’d aspire to owlish ways
~ endicott studio’s recommended reading lists look tremendously good for those interested in fairy tales and myths, both old and modern

~ lemon water is good for cancer prevention! i’ve been pretty good this week about drinking lots & lots of lemon water, yay.
~ hmm, should i get some tags for my handknits and such?
~ after years of meaning to, i finally joined a local freecycle group and it’s just amazing the variety of stuff i’ve seen offered and taken in just two days: baby gates, journals “with only a few pages written on”, computer monitors, pirate-themed clothing, juicers, a mailbox, and even car parts. wow.
~ the maryland sheep & wool festival schedule is up.. and this year i finally get to go! who else is going?
~ features full-length documentaries on mostly music but also all kinds of other topics. great.

other than that.. oh, i miss people. i see a lot of family, which is really great, but i miss seeing people who haven’t known me since i was born, people i chose, you know? i should go out and meet new people, i know, but the whole idea is just exhausting. i already have lots of people i like, they’re just three thousand+ miles away.

ok, off my butt and enough with the complaining, breakfast calls. here’s a random pic of the last of winter, i’m thinking. any guesses as to what it is?

bye ~

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