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i’ve gone into d.c. a couple of times this past week, and oh am i glad i did. for one, public transportation makes me happy ~ it did in l.a., and it still does. not to say it can’t be such a drag at times, and the waiting is rarely ever fun, but still, there’s a connection among the passengers, a feeling of freedom with only a bus pass in your pocket, a sad disdain for the poor frustrated angry drivers sitting alone in their big cars, a sense of possibility and happy chance meetings… all of that i missed.

so, i’m heading down to raleigh for an impromptu visit with my little sisters for about twenty-four hours, and instead of flying back up ($100, an hour long trip), i’m taking the train up to d.c. and then the metro to the last stop in suburban maryland ($43, six+ hours). when i went to college near phildelphia, i used to take the train all the time – to maryland, to trenton, to downtown philly, and so just stepping into a train station puts a skip in my step. and oh the possibilities: boston in six hours, new york in four, chicago overnight… ! i’m so looking forward to that train ride.

other than that, things are pretty o.k., i’m glad to say. busy busy, and not much knitting – but spinning, rubberstamp-making, paper-making, learning letterpress, basketweaving, and beekeeping classes too, plus reading as always ~ so yeah, march is flying by. plus babies babies babies all over the place, and where they aren’t, there’s always siblings galore. oh, and within a three-day span, we went from 80 degree weather to 1/2 an inch of snow at least. bizarre.

randomness: i really need to head into baltimore one of these days, i have a good feeling that we’ll click. also, i’d like to visit philly, but a part of me is afraid i’ll run into twenty-two (or even worse, twenty-three) year old me, a ghost andrea that i just know is still hanging around in center city, full of memories and forgotten songs. i’d alternate between wanting to slap that andrea and just stare in fascination at the oblivious girl-i-was… it’s silly but i need to write it: in ten years, i’ll be forty. forty! me! forty… i was very tempted to cut my hair last night – it’s well below my shoulders now, the longest it’s been for over five years, but i’m losing more and more of the curls due to the weight, and that’s a bit sad. it’s only hair, but ah i’m so proud of mine, (almost) always have been. i want to be a lioness again though, with a full fluffy mane, so i’ll hold off for a bit.

chatty chatty, huh. it must be because it’s around witching hour. plus i created today ~ which is always at least as good as a long luxurious stretch. anyhow, remember those addresses you all sent me a while back? i’m such a tease – but seriously, the plan is finally firmly in motion (hint: it has something to do with what’s written above – and no, i’m not sending you cut hair or melted snow .. or a baby. or a train ticket.), so if i didn’t get your address, send it! and though this may seem unnecessary, don’t send it to me if you’ve never commented before and we don’t know each other in real life. it’s a little awkward that way, trust me. but if we’ve communicated in any way, shape or form, send me your address if you haven’t already. it’s nothing big, but just a little thank you to mellowtrouble readers and friends. that’ll be happening in the next ten days, so be quick about it!

i’ll add some pics in the morning ~ but for now, goodnight ~ ~

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