a first basket, part one

i’ve been meaning to post about this project for a while but since i took so many pictures along the way, it was a little overwhelming trying to figure out what and how to present it all, hence the part one bit above. this was my first try at basketry, and i gotta say it was awesome.

random bits: i made the basket in two days – one night lasting about seven hours and the next morning for about an hour – but now i know it can definitely be done in stages and not all at once; got the kit from the earth guild in asheville, nc – there were other choices, but the quality of reed matters a lot; also, there’s lots of leftover reed and i had so much leftover dye, i ended up dyeing a long-suffering knit wip to happy results.

i’m off to organize my room, catch up on emails, and finally confront my long long to-do list. first i need to make myself comfy, i.e. put good music on, burn some incense, make sure the cats are happy, and get myself a tall glass of water. then, it’s time to work. good wednesday to you ~ ~

update: i got the field basket kit, but almost all of the ACP kits appealed. there’s lot of good basketry books too.. i’ll try and get them together and write up a literature review, so to speak.

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