today’s gauge

some art:

some tunes: here

some notes:
~ i want to live on a cliff too. and have a wooden gate made out of twigs.
~ i have more papercuts now than i’ve had since i was a kid. the hurt lingers more than i remember, especially on the palm.
~ my ever-patient capacity for feeling sorry for myself far outstrips what anyone could feel for me in that regard. sometimes i think that’s horrible, other times i’m just relieved.
~ brian wilson was right about rooms.
~ music and showers are the only things that always cheer me up.
~ i have a new-found love for foxes. real ones, not cartoon ones.
~ i told my three-year-old nephew the other day that that this year is going to be the year he learns to share. he shouted back “no!” – i feel the same way about my lesson for the year, which is consistency – not in the arts sense so much as a day-to-day regularity, time management, longterm plans fulfillment, etc.

off to vacuum and blast music in an attempt to not pace or space out.

[painting: player with a hermit by moritz von schwind /
song: save a prayer by duran duran]

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