i’m oh so quiet

..only online though, hence this pictures-less quickie post. i went to florida for a week with my mom, sister, and two of her kids. i’m getting ready for the maryland sheep & wool festival (i got into the comprehensive spinning workshop with judith mackenzie mccuin, yay!) next week. i have tons of mid-progress projects going on, scattered around my room and spreading out to the rest of the house. it’s officially spring out here in maryland. and i’m making plans, oh yes, big plans. no more info because i don’t want to jinx them even more, but oof. !

this post is not meant to annoy with its vagueness, but more be a bookmark for myself of a point in my life where things changed and moved forward. in some (important) aspects, i’m happier now than i’ve been in a while. always nice to be able to say that, no matter the qualifiers and such.

and now, nice readers you, how are you doing?

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