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wow! had to add: i just saw a pair of enormous birds in the backyard! i can’t tell if they’re hawks or eagles, but they’re BIG and just gorgeous. i’d been hearing them for a while but didn’t think anything beyond, “huh, those are some noisy birds” and then one landed on the deck..! i ran for the camera but they had retreated to the woods already. one keeps calling out distressed-sounding yells, but they both seem to be flying fine and not hurt. i wish i knew more about what kind of birds they are – i wish i could help! but maybe they’re just happy it’s spring and yelling out about that. ! so very exciting, as you can tell by the exclamation marks. love the birds!

now i have another thing to add to my dream-house list: trees tall enough to attract big birds. ;)


here’s a list i’ve been putting together for a while now, with a focus of course on fiber and book studies. i’m not wanting to go back to school anytime soon, but some of the work/study opportunities look particularly tempting.

anyhow, i split it into degree programs vs. workshops/extended programs. the degree programs are usually a 2+ year commitment. the workshops/extended programs are usually a few days long, a few weeks, or at most a summer-long commitment.

degree programs:
~ oregon college of art and craft
~ southwest school of art and craft, texas
~ mfa in book arts, university of alabama
~ university of the arts, philadelphia, esp. their book arts program

workshops/extended programs:
a little bit of everything:
~ fletcher farm school, vermont
~ arrowmont school of arts and crafts, tennessee
~ penland school of crafts, north carolina
~ john c. campbell folk school, north carolina [free catalog = daydreams galore]
~ north house folk school, minnesota [thanks caroline!]
~ capellagarden, school for creative work, sweden [see whipup post]
~ and another swedish program, saterglantan, college of handicrafts

~ paper book intensive, michigan
~ oldways bookbinding workshops, idaho [ahhh] * my current favorite *
~ center for book arts, new york city
~ also, an extensive list of programs that includes printing, letterpress, binding, papermaking, you name it.
~ briarpress’ list, has listings of events for all things letterpress
~ monotype university [a week-long program on learning how to cast your own type. !], held every other summer, west virginia

~ maiwa textile symposium, vancouver – registration starts june 25!!
~ empty spools seminars [quilting], california
~ the mannings handweaving school [also spinning, knitting, etc], pennsylvania
~ siervers school of fiber arts, wisconsin

if you know of any i missed – as i’m sure there are dozens more – please let me know. happy friday ~ ~

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