hello me

i don’t know about you, but usually when i see pictures of me when i was little, i don’t really see myself in them most of the time. i kinda remember looking in the mirror and seeing that face long ago, but when i compare it to this face i have now, .. it’s sort of like looking at someone else. i never felt bad about it particularly, it was just that way. shrug. so, the other day i came across this picture taken in front of my 30th birthday cake and it just looked so much like the little me that i see in old photo albums. in both pics, i’m a little embarassed at the attention, but also proud, though i think my younger self was a little better at laughing out the embarassed part. my older self has better dressing style though. ;)

edit: i took out the most recent pic because the more i looked at the pic, the less i liked it. anyhow, i’ll find a better one. the idea remains true, though i’ll find better evidence later. ;)

(why the weird cut-out on the older photo? when i was around twelve i was determined to document my life so i grabbed all kinds of, as i found out later, unique pictures without negatives, cut them up into neat shapes, and glued them in a photo album. how i escaped my mother’s wrath, i do not know. )

anyhow, that’s my sharing for today. thanks for the nice comments regarding my new position and all ~

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