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while i still can’t find a suitable recent pic for the last post, here’s some links that have been building up for so long now:

~ book by its cover – just a list of books that caught one designer’s eye, with nice pics too
~ running the numbers, an american self-portrait is a set of amazingly detailed pics showing the waste we produce every year in this country.
~ a great tutorial on how to use those metal purse frames to make purses out of fabric, felt, whatever
~ all about menstrual cups. very informative site, filled with personal anecdotes and reccommendations.
~ a cute thumb tack tutorial [via the black apple i think?]
~ book arts podcasts from the university of alabama’s book arts program
~ kinda old news, but there’s going to be a billboard ban in san paolo. i like that a lot.
~ just washed my first fleece(!), and this article helped me a ton. in general, this website has great info all over its’ pages.
~ christian marclay mini-documentary on ‘unwanted sounds’. wish there was a way to include sounds in books so that when you’d turn the page, a sound would start. that’d be so cool, wouldn’t it? a book of sounds. but not on cd or whatever. hm.
~ arborsculpture!!
~ amazing animated version of the bayeux tapestry, the famous needlework art that measures 20 inches wide and 230 feet long!! and depicts the norman invasion of england in 1066.
~ beautiful book on hungarian embroidery. random fact: it weights over three pounds! wow.
~ learn the dance moves to ciara’s ’1,2’ song. this guy also has a bunch of other videos up on youtube. sometimes boooring (he talks a lot), but still, it’s dancing, it can’t be that bad ;)
~ design*sponge’s letterpress guide
~ on the very off off chance that a knitter hasn’t heard of it: the walker treasury has samples of the patterns from all the barbara walker books. really great site.
~ a great list of papermaking articles for beginners
~ the negatives to michael moore’s newest film ‘sicko’ are being stored outside the u.s., just in case.
~ i want to learn to charleston! though i’d love to hear the original music they dance to, i really like this daft punk song. ..isn’t dancing just amazing. always makes me feel happier about humanity.

happy thursday ~ ~

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