to do list + some pics

finally, a whole two days off! i’ve been really busy papermaking, and teaching papermaking, since sunday. when not sloshing around in water, i’m collapsed asleep on my bed. teaching kids is really exhausting! i shouldn’t have been so surprised, but i am – i get back at like six p.m. and by eight thirty max, am passed out.

so, though it’s probably of little to no interest to any of you :), today and tomorrow is about my enormous to do list:
~ set aside winter clothing for storage
~ get rid of a lot of clothing [not a lot, but still ok]
~ weed through books, sigh
~ vacuum, sweep, generally clean floors in bed- and bathroom
~ feed the horses + take veg. scraps to compost pile
~ finish finn/mohair spinning + ply too
~ figure out what yarn to destash
~ reply to emails
~ play some piano + draw too
~ run + stretch both days
~ change linens + towels
~ call dish re: receiver issues
~ call anderson re: windows
~ call fluval re: fish tank problems
~ get craftsy pics from back-up back on laptop
~ do a new backup of laptop
~ see about getting more memory for laptop
~ paint toenails!
~ clean both litter boxes
~ re-arrange books so that everything fits
~ get the very last moving boxes out of the garage
~ drink lots and lots of water
~ take cats out to back yard, getting used to other animals they scare me a bit with their adventurousness!
~ naps are not bad
~ think about a new background for website

ok, that’s a very good list that there’s no way i’ll complete in two days, but i’ll give it a shot..

pictures: some of us, coughmamacatcough, are taking it easy today; my paper-encrusted feet this morning, the sign of a [sandal-wearing] papermaker; also from today, and though i look pretty pooped, my hair is getting so long! and i like seeming all freckly.

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