michael moore makes me happy

cannot wait until sicko comes out. june 29th, hurry up already! here’s a good moore fix for you until then. edit: and here’s another!

in other news, busy making paper, and even teaching paper, almost every day, trying to figure out computer problems, teaching feltmaking tonight, a lot of online time, and remembering to shower, eat, and sleep in between. things will slow down after tomorrow, for a little bit at least, but it’s been a busy week. .. it always is though, isn’t it? also, i got a cheesemaking kit ~ very excited about that but so far just a lot of sighing as i look through the instructions.

oh! good news: i’m a substitute librarian for my local county’s library system :) i applied for the job a while back, forgot about it for a while, and then, months later, was interviewed and a few weeks later offered the position. it’s a very flexible job that allows me to travel all around the county, getting a feel for the different branches. it pays well and it’s a union job, yay. i don’t start for a few weeks still, but wow, in just a little over a month, i went from no jobs to two jobs, albeit both part-part-time. phew!

here’s some nice pics of some family babies & me from this past weekend. i’m trying to use my camera more, but it’s so easy to forget and be lazy about it. btw, since i don’t have photoshop access right now, i used picnik for free online editing of my photos. very handy.

lastly, to each one of you who read this, reading about me and my life, thank you ~ you all rock.

[pictures, top to bottom, left to right: the oldest grandchild with the youngest; me striking a pose; my goddaughter staring at the ceiling fan, “sweet & cool!”; the littlest baby girl thinks she’s a dog. ]

update: hmph! i just found out that i haven’t been getting some email recently.. i use gmail for all my various email accounts – i just forward everything to gmail – and, for some reason, lately it’s been taking a few days to get certain account’s emails to me. grumble grumble. so, if you haven’t heard from me, give me a couple days to figure this out, or leave a comment here, thanks.

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