a reminder

this video has been inspiring me for days now – the singing, the dancing, the audience, the words, and just the amazing energy. yay!

it’s almost as amazing to realize that this band is from d.c.! as in the city not thirty miles away from my bedroom. every time i do go into the city – actually get out of my car and walk around – i get such a good vibe. this city has produced some pretty great things, particularly when it comes to music. it’s such a small city, especially in comparison with l.a., but it’s chock-full of different neighborhoods, atmospheres, scenes, and people. ok, next time i’m chatting with new friends about going out dancing or going to some show, i gotta remember this video and just go for it. i gotta give it a chance, you know?, because i have a feeling i could learn a whole lot.

happy first day of summer ~

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