a nice weekend

hey there ~ this weekend was full of nice stuff and now i’m absolutely pooped.

first things first, can anyone help me out with this problem:

the offending basket, pictured in the background, got wet at a pool party on saturday (yes, i take knitting, even wool!, to pool parties) and leaked dye all over my lovely barett yarn. what should i do! the obvious answer is just to wash the wool, but the gauge issues are already worrying me a bit. or i could just cut the yarn when i come to the blue/green bits since i have a little more yarn than i truly need. or i could just expect that it’ll wash out in the final wash before seaming everything together. now, the procrastinating me just want to do the last option, but that’s the one that makes least sense and will also cause most stress. so. .. yup, help me out! or rather, help me defeat my procrastinating self. hm.

next, ravelry! gone crazy with it. i’ve friended many already, but if i haven’t found you yet, and you wanna be friends and all, here i am! since the destash blog went down too, just after i joined it, wouldn’t you know, i’ve been really looking forward to getting rid of a lot of yarn and hopefully raverly is the place. any other suggested sites for destashing? thanks ~

lastly, my affianced sister claudin came to visit this weekend, along with her man, and we all went up to my grandparents’ farm to check it out, since that’s where the wedding will be this december. the land is still worked, by a large nearby farm, and the house is rented out to a family (with kids! i love that the house is lived in and loved again), but the wedding will be held in the old barn. i get all misty-eyed whenever i go there. maybe one day i’ll go back and stay, who knows. anyhow, for now, some lovely memories..

hope everyone’s weekend was great ~ and go see sicko! i’m going to see it this week, probably alone, but whatever, it’ll be great.

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