i’m stuck in suburbia. get a car you say? and pay for gas and insurance and registering the car and maintenance and oh yeah, i’d need to buy a car too? no way. i hate that there’s no public transportation around here – there’s very limited bus service available about 5 miles away but the rest of the time, i rely on the kindness of.. family, who let me use their cars. this dependence needs to stop, but i don’t know what to replace it with. most everything i have to get to requires the use of highways and is usually 20+ miles away.

i’ve taken quite a long break from this here website – you know how it goes, a week passes and you think, gee, gotta write, and then a few more days pass and you start to get nervous thinking oh i gotta explain the absence and then two weeks pass and you think, where to start!, and then the third week you give up lofty ideas about posting pics of all the nice and interesting things that have happened and instead post a little something about how sad you are and how you just can’t get over the fact that you’re not in los angeles anymore and how you miss your independence and your apartment as much as ever. in other words, this is not the whole picture, don’t worry – but it is a big part of it.

off to my first official library gig – i lost my contacts in the pool the other day and am looking very librarianish indeed with these glasses.

p.s. trying something new – no comments. i don’t mean to turn this into a pure monologue, but i’m already way too behind on emails and updates.

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