a little of everything

and a whole lot of pictures. eleven in fact!

  1. i know basically five people who like my glasses, including me, but i still love them. they’re old, cheap, and yeah, i had to glue them back together(!) twice(!) last week but they’re unique and not the same hip look you see everywhere.
  2. still, after two weeks of no contacts and only glasses, i was happy to go back to my default-contact-state…… ok, so i don’t look so happy, but i’ve decided it’s really hard to take pics of myself laughing and smiling. one of my eyes tends to boggle out or my mouth is all twisted and loopy, etc. hence the serious and looking-to-the-side poses. ah well. the important this is to take pics.*
  3. still, this was my library outfit for today. i was going to a new branch, so i dressed a little more neutral than usual. this is the balcony outside of my room, a.k.a. the balcony of kitty litter. yum.

  1. the results of an informal art night at pyramid a few weeks ago: dyeing with cochineal and post-mordant playing. everyone else focused on paper, but i couldn’t help but add some superwash roving and knitpicks merino yarn i had sitting around.
  2. very 80s to me, the grid. i love it.
  3. look at the range of colors all from the same dye! amazing.

7.here’s my private stash of handmade paper i’ve made the past couple of months. there’s been a lot of production-work paper made and classes taught, etc. but this is my own after-work personal paper. totally satisfying.

  1. and the impromptu knit is coming along pretty well. i’m a little worried about the sleeves and also the back, but i have some good ideas ( i hope they’re good, at least!) that should help.

  1. what this picture mostly shows is how dirty my mirror is! but i spent hours and hours yesterday organizing my closet. there was a brief and bitter moth battle, but i won. for now, i know, but still. i also now have a large bag of clothing to donate, so that’s good too.
  2. ..and i made room for these new shoes. yay for blue, and yay for sassy heels like these. i used to wear big platform shoes all the time and heels too, but when you take the bus everywhere, you quickly move to more practical footwear. i now have loads of practical, yet fun i think, shoes but i’ve been missing shoes like these.

  1. lastly, trouble glaring just a bit, asking why oh why must it be so darn hot! she loves to just chill out in the sink where it’s nice and cool – and right below an a/c duct. smart kitty.

that’s all for now ~ happy weekend ~~

i’ve been thinking recently a lot about how there’s big gaps in my life where i have like *no pictures at all – of me, of friends, of places, of times, etc. – they’re just lost, the only evidence remaining in my memory and those who were there as well. sad! so, this last year i’ve been pretty vigilant about taking pictures a lot and definitely this here website has helped me to do that.

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