goals for me & links for you

my fall to-do list:

~ get my own printing press (1)
~ make a quilt (3)
~ knit a handspun sweater (5)
~ spin up a fleece already (4)
~ make cheese! (2)

~ sell some handmade paper
~ take advantage of a real autumn(!) & bike a lot more
~ for every easy read or two, a more demanding book next
~ pay off most if not all credit card debt
~ take lots of pictures
~ draw more & carve too
~ tickle some ivories now and again
~ get rid of a lot of excess stuff: books, clothing, yarn, etc.

i really like making lists, but i’ve learned not to put too much energy into making them or else, once the list is done, i feel like i’ve already accomplished a lot and i take a break(!). it’s split in two because the first group consists of single projects (which i’ve prioritized) versus the group below which has more on-going projects. i’ve done little bits of all of that second group already, i just want to not forget to keep doing them. that first group is rather intimidating but absolutely exciting at the same time.

and now, for you:

~ linocut artist steve alcorn details his art’s growth over the years.
~ this woman committed to making50 books in 50 days, pretty inspiring
~ the mid-atlantic radical bookfair in baltimore is coming up and i can’t wait for it. yay!
~ examples of crown braids- some make me think ren fair in a not-so-flattering way, though i do love rennaisance fairs, but others are quite cool
~ “All-One! We are all One!” ..if it rings a bell, check this film out
~ chart sweep videos on youtube that play ten seconds or so of every song that hit #1 on the billboard charts by year, starting in the late 50s.
~ patrick dougherty’s stickwork [via folk & fairy – i like the pics she took especially]
~ this lib. of congress exhibit shows old photos of russia in their original color – not b&w! -, using a unique photo method
~ knitted tetris blanket – i’d like to see it knit at a finer gauge, but still a fun idea
~ i’m taking a workshop on artists’ books in a few weeks and found the instructors’ website – check out whirlpool especially, though i like looking at all of them
~ a pretty lunar calendar – i love calendars, lunar all the more so.

and that’s that. happy friday ~

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