i just dropped my parents off at the airport – they’re off to bolivia for three weeks – and i’m so excited to have the house alone. i love being with my family, but i’m definitely an introvert at heart, which means i love alone-time a whole lot. i had it in spades in l.a., sometimes too much in fact, but here i’ve had very very littles. so! of course i filled up my schedule with library gigs and there’s so much paper-related stuff to do as well, but i’m psyched nonetheless. i’m meeting up with an old college friend tomorrow and having some friends over on sunday for a little pool party but tonight, and every night for the next few weeks, i get to sit around, read, eat, and do anything i darn well please in absolute solitude. hooray, hooray.

pics: three of the little book i made for my dad’s birthday, of which i’m inordinately proud: there’s three different types of handmade paper there; it’s a new-to-me bookbinding pattern; and in it i wrote a list of fantasy books to read after he’s finished the harry potter series.

and these last two pics are the beginning steps to a big project i’m working on – one i alluded to in the previous post. i’m cutting up perfectly nice fabric into little scraps (proudly stored in my handmade basket, yay) – any ideas as to what i’m up to? a little something in the mail for the first person who guesses correctly.. extra points if you can tell me what kind of fabric it is too. ;)

it’s been a pretty hectic and not-too-great week so i’m very much looking forward to the long weekend. i’m afraid patience is not my strong suit at all & i’ve been giving in to my snappy side a bit too much recently. all the more reason for some serious recharging alone. !

happy end-of-august to each of you ~

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